This book, Toward Islamization of Disciplines, is a compilation of selected papers presented at the Third International Conference on Islamization of Knowledge, sponsored by the International Institute of Islamic Thought, in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Culture of Malaysia, July 26-31 1984 A.C. / 27th Shawwal -2nd Dhu al Qiddah 1404 A.H. This Conference, which attracted major leaders, educators and scholars from around the world, confirmed the growing appeal of the concept of "Islamization" among Muslim scholars; moreover it indicated that this concept has spread beyond the bounds of academia and has become the concern of peoples, institutions and governments. The selected papers, reproduced in this book, aptly reflect this historic trend. Some of the highlights offered in this book include a keynote address by Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Muhammad; a pioneering critique on Western Anthropology, Toward Islamic Anthropology, by Akbar Ahmad; a revealing exegesis of Western philosophy, The Balance Sheet of Western Philosophy in This Century, by Roger Garoudy; and 'AbdulHamid AbuSulayman's Concepts of Reconstruction: Methodology in Contemporary Muslim Thought (in Arabic). Both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars and researchers will find a wealth of thought-provoking ideas and concepts among these works.

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