For a long time, the study of the life and work of the Jewish thinker ?Izz al-Dawla Ibn Kamm?na (d. 683/1284) remained limited to a very small number of texts. Interest in Ibn Kamm?na in the Western Christian world dates back to the 17th century, when Barthelemy d'Herbelot (1624-1695) included information on two of Ibn Kamm?na's works - his examination of the three faiths ("Tanq al-ab th li-l-milal al-thal?t"), i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and his commentary on Avicenna's "al-Ish?r?t wa l-tanb?h?"t - in his "Bibliotheque orientale," Subsequent generations of Western scholars were focused on Ibn Kamm?na's "Tanq al-ab th," whereas his fame in the Eastern lands of Islam was based exclusively on his philosophical writings. These include a commentary on the "Kit?b al-Talw t" by the founder of Illumationist philosophy, Shih?b al-D?n al-Suhraward? (d. 587/1191) and numerous independent works on philosophy and logic. Since most of the manuscripts of Ibn Kamm?na's philosophical writings are located in the public and private libraries of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey, they were (and are) out of reach for the majority of Western scholars. The volume gives a detailed account of the available data of Ibn Kamm?na's biography, provides an outline of his philosophcial thought and studies in detail the reception of his thought and his writings among later Muslim and Jewish philosophers. An inventory of his entire oeuvre provides detailed information on the extant manuscripts. The volume furthermore includes editions of nine of his writings.

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